XPFA in Hollywood

Well, it turns out that Cross-Personality Framing Attacks (XPFA) aren't just fact, they make good fiction, too. While Bruce Schneier asks his readers to come up with movie plot threats, the writers for CBS (at the very least) are up to the same. I saw an episode of Without a Trace tonight (Season 4, Episode 5 - or 75 "Honor Bound") where an XPFA ends up being a very pivotal plot point in the show. Certainly, there are other fictional shows where similar things happen.

It's unfortunate, however, that it doesn't just make for good fiction. These types of image-destroying attacks take place all the time, and real peoples' lives are being impacted because of them. And there's simply no real defense against it. Sadly, the only real victims are the people being attacked, and it's rare that the people who "fall for it" are inconvenienced. So there's little incentive for people who read fake profiles and ads to disbelieve what they read. This one really depends on people to be responsible, and just don't believe everything you read.