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My apologies if the link doesn't work.

In previous posts, I made a recommendation that you use a wiki markup library as an alternate method to allow your users to enter formatted text instead of HTML, in order to reduce the possibility of cross-site scripting. And I mentioned that I did a cursory look for one and couldn't find one.

So I did another search tonight, and Radeox, has been made a separate library from SnipSnap. And to further add to my excitement, there's already a plugin for it for Grails. The plugin comes with example domain classes, controllers, and views for an uber-simple wiki. But you don't have to use it for a Wiki - you could certainly use it for just more simple rich-text editing.

Now, it appears that SnipSnap development has stalled (stopped) and the one viable fork has very little available other than some initial mods in subversion, but nothing on Sourceforge, and no real momentum (yet). If that's the case, (the SnipSnap folks say this shouldn't be the case), that might explain why Radeox's site is not responding for now. I hope this doesn't go away.

I would like to be able to snap a WYSIWYG editor into Radeox, but the one open source WYSIWYG editor that's not wired into an existing project is FCKEditor, but it doesn't appear you can change what the markup is - it's only HTML, which would require you to expect XHTML in order to do really good input validation to ensure that no scriptable attributes are included (not only event handlers, but styles that allow javascript, etc.).

So take a look at the Radeox plugin for Grails, and hopefully somebody with some time will begin to pick up Radeox and or SnipSnap again.

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  1. EtaoinShrdlu16:55

    If I understand you correctly you need an WYSIWYG editor for wiki markup.
    There's one open source project called wikiwyg: http://www.wikiwyg.net/, but it's poorly documented and maintained. I've tried it several times and with some additional work you can get good results.