Finally, somebody sees it my way


Okay, Pravir had the idea all on his own. But this is the soapbox I almost constantly stand on when it comes to security.

If you don't want to read the article, the gist is that if you're depending on input validation to fix your semantic flaws, you're missing a great deal of the application where the data bounces around and could potentially get re-broke. And that you potentially end up denying characters that are really legitimate in some context, just not one.

Now, I know Pravir is running the CTF competition at DEFCON, which makes me wonder why he had this post yesterday. Either he has a bunch of them queued and set to go, or he's listened to so many speakers say that something is a problem and the way to fix it is to do better input validation.

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  1. Anonymous14:13

    The Cigital blog is co-authored. Every post is available internally for several days before being published. That's how he posted right during CTF.