Black Hat/Defcon next week

I'll be at Black Hat and Defcon next week, and I hope to see you there. I've already got a pretty full plate of meetups before, during, and after the con. But if you haven't signed up for the OWASP/WASC Cocktail Party, you might go ahead and try. I'm sure the registration is closed by now, but I have a couple of colleagues who tried to sign up pretty recently and still managed to get in - so who knows.

Also, since my paranoia meter goes to 11, I will not be carrying any computing devices with me, save for my mobile phone, so don't expect to see too many posts during that time. I might post some mobile stuff if I see anything photo worthy, but I'm sure many of the other people attending will have the latest scoop for you.

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  1. Have fun Sylvan, :D

    Oh, and if anything ground breaking occurs, please don't forget to tell us, :)