Using Evil for Purposes of Good?

I understand this is a really, really limited use, and that something really needs to be done about the problem. I'm not advocating keeping it around because I found an uber-limited use for it.

The other day I saw something that really annoyed me, that could actually go away with the CSS History Hack.

My colleagues and I use del.icio.us to send bookmarks to each other because we can subscribe to RSS feeds of those in Firefox. If you label a link with for:<<whomever>>, the link will show up under Links For Me, and you can subscribe with an RSS feed.

Unfortunately, when you actually visit the page, they can't tell when you've visited the page or not, so it shows up in a "new" listing at the top, regardless of how "new" it really is to you.

If del.icio.us used the CSS History Hack, they could go through the list they're going to show you and remove the "new" links so you don't have to remember by name something you visited months ago.

But then again, an easier fix would be to have the links in the RSS feed go through del.icio.us first so that they can record on their side that you've seen the site. This is a more elegant solution, too, because you might not always visit shared links from the same machine.