I'll try to write gooder

I've realized of late that while I probably do a pretty good job of getting my point across, I could probably do much better. It seems that many of my posts have been more stream of consciousness than something anybody else is supposed to be able to read. I will try in the future to do a better job of organizing my thoughts before putting them down in a post.

I suppose that one of the dangers of blogging is that the interfaces are so simple to use that they're conducive to typing out thoughts then immediately publishing, rather than following some structured writing practice. Maybe Blogger should include a mind map module so that those who choose to use it can organize their thoughts first.

My apologies to anybody who wanted to get something useful from my posts but weren't able to piece together something structured.


  1. "one of the dangers of blogging is that the interfaces are so simple..."

    Well, that's also true of email and word processors; the problem isn't so much with the interface as it is with what's between the writer's ears...

  2. Well-said. That's very well my case - or maybe what's not between the writer's ears. Nevertheless, the simple interface (in any tool) allows for the chronically impatient to remain so.