No real news?

Sorry for not having posted in awhile. But I generally try to stay away from posting on the most dugg stories, and the only security news as of late is things like (you gan search for these yourself, there's not one real de-facto standard perfect source for all these):

  • New IE7 vulnerabilities that have been around since IE6 (notice the oxymoron)
  • New Firefox vulnerabilities that have been around since Firefox 1.5 (again...)
  • Hacking Diebold voting machines
  • A Mac virus proof-of-concept by Symantec
  • Probably another 20 MySpace "XSS" (rather, script injection) flaws found. Imagine that, a site that allows (asks) you to inject HTML is having a hard time getting rid of script injection
But I didn't forget about you. Just very little that interests me. I'll think of some more good developer tips at a later time.