SPICON: Advanced Web Hacking (thoughts)

Matt really is knowledgable. Unfortunately, because of several factors, he wasn't really able to show that off. He's dealing with slides from their Advanced Web Hacking class, which is usually geared to non-customers, so the material isn't that deep. He only had a short amount of time to cover (I believe) what's typically a 2-3 day class. He's presenting to sharp customers, not a huge group of managers. And with the limited aMatt and I got to talk, and I think that the real root cause of any deficiencies is because this is the first customer conference, so it's a re-work of material used in other places. Since it's the first customer conference, they've had a hard time working out exactly how to deal with the new audience.

My apologies to Matt in advance for publishing the first page without him getting to review it. The last thing I want to do with this blog is to say anything false or unfair about any person in particular.