One laptop per child security


From SecurityFocus One Laptop Per Child Seeks Top Hackers :

"We want hackers to get in touch, look at the documentation, play with the machine, and try to break into it. We run the risk of getting parts of this wrong and that's not something we can afford."
So, do you think when the hackers are done, included in their recommendations will be things like:

  • Instruct the children not to click links in emails
  • Instruct the children not to click links in blogs
  • Instruct the children not to visit warez sites
  • Instruct the children to use a password safe with really tough passwords
Kinda' doubt it. Can't wait until all the anti-spam, anti-popup, anti-virus, anti-botnet, anti-trojan software companies decide that user education - just a tad - might also be of some use.